Reviews - "Strawberry Fields For Evan"

Hugo Richardson – Essex, England

This well-researched book of fiction allows the reader to escape to 1960s Liverpool at a time when the Beatles were just staring out. The tale makes you feel as if you have got to know the Beatles personally and what it would have been like living with a family near the Cavern.

If you want a trip back in time to experience the captivating times of the social revolution that accompanied Beatlemania, this is a must - magical.

 Garrett Freireich – Atlanta, Georgia

 It's a true treat when you read a book that actually draws you into existing in time and place along with the characters. Let me tell you that nothing is more fun than hanging with Paul, John and the boys in Liverpool as they prepare to explode onto the national stage.

 This book is wonderfully written and draws you in. You will NOT want to put this down until the last page. Even after I first thought was "Gee, I hope there is a sequel." Loved the story...loved the characters. For an avid reader like me, this was a very enjoyable read.

 Alfi Schick – Toronto, Canada

 I just hung out in Liverpool in the sixties, or at least that’s how it felt after reading the book. Those days came alive as I ran through the pages and I’m well impressed. What a pleasure it was to see how the characters and plot came together with a bunch of unexpected turns thrown in. Excellent!

 Mark Hutchinson – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

 What’s not to love? A book about time travel and the Fab Four—and so much more. Highly recommended.

  Jimmy Turner – Douglasville, Georgia

 Mr. Wilson sir, your book was a fabulous read! As an avid Beatle fan myself who would have loved to have lived in Liverpool in 1962, you took me there in this book. I loved the way you were able to develop each character. I laughed and cried with much joy and as I reached the end of the story - I felt as though I had gained a few friends from Liverpool. Well done!

Be “quick” in writing another one please.

 Dave Zibman – Miami, Florida

 The book told a compelling story that kept me in suspense throughout. I felt like I was actually in Liverpool in 1962, joining with Evan as he hatched his plan and navigated his way to meet the Beatles. The cast of characters was believable and colorful. I recommend this book and not just to Beatles fans.

 Paul Wilkinson – Kent, England

 This is a really engrossing book. I read it in a very few sittings, I didn't want to put it down. The writer must have done some real research, possibly even going as far as tasting some Marmite. That is dedication.

It pays off. If you're a music fan, a Beatles fan, or just love a great story then this book will delight you. You'll fall in love with the characters and keep turning the pages to find out what happens to them. If you're not a fan of science fiction then you'll be relieved to know that aspect is very underplayed. There's a little bit of time travel involved though, if you can handle that. Just a smidgeon. You'll hardly notice it, trust me.

Wouldn't you like to go back to the beginnings of the Beatles and experience the Cavern club in all its sweaty glory? Well, with the quality of the writing here you'll feel like you have.

I await the film. There's bound to be a film isn't there?

Tim Cohan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Editor “Best Seat in the House: Drumming in the '70s with Marriott, Frampton, and Humble Pie” by Jerry Shirley)

An elegantly written account of fantasies fulfilled overcoming the onerous banality of an everyman’s life unfulfilled, its powerful spell will entrance and inspire every dreamer who takes the journey with Quick’s protagonist. Packed with knowing details of two vastly different places and times, Strawberry Fields For Evan is a triumph of storytelling, re-imagined history, and heart.

Andrew Adkins – Nashville, Tennessee

 Wilson Quick - from a song to a pen, he slays you word for word. Pop sensibility to the highest power and a knack for knowing what breathes life into a song and a tale. Mr. Quick transitions without skipping a beat (pun intended) from songsmith to storyteller in Strawberry Fields For Evan. This is a must-read for people who love to be inspired. Beatles fan or otherwise, you will be transfixed by this imaginative story page one through to the end. I will be first in line when the film adaptation hits the big, silver screen!

  Ryan Kiesshauer – Dayton, Ohio

 If you like the Beatles or music at all, you should read this book. It's clever, witty, and a 'bloody' great story. If you LOVE the Beatles or music in general...this is a hands-down absolute must-read. Not to mention a steal at 3.99!

Well done Mr. Quick, well done.

  Bob Gilbert – Kennesaw, Georgia

 This is simply a magnificent read, but if you know anything about the Beatles or their music this will leave you breathless. You will be thrilled. One wonderful and intriguing surprise comes galloping forward after another. And the structure of the book is so well done and refreshing. You begin with “everyday” man…and move quickly from there. And at the end, you will likely wonder if the sale of that tasty Marmite spread takes a huge leap in sales. I did, meaning I did by some. Cheers!

 Anne Boling – Readers’ Favorite

 Evan’s life revolves around music; by day he is a song writer and by night a drummer. The Beatles were his favorite band and his apartment was filled with their vinyl, posters, and other memorabilia, making it almost a museum dedicated to the four young men that changed the world of music. Evan was a very talented song writer, but his mother and father pressured him to go to college. There was pressure all around him. But something strange was going on with Evan. He’d see a bright light and then hear a crackle and suddenly be somewhere else. It was only for seconds at first, but then lasted longer and longer. Eventually, he found himself in Liverpool fifty years in the past, 1962. Evan was living his dream.

Strawberry Fields For Evan was written by Wilson Quick who is a serious Beatles fan. Quick has created a unique plot that will thrill fans of the Beatles. I grew up in the '60s and felt as if I had been transported back in time right along with Evan. There is a lot of Beatles trivia in Strawberry Fields for Evan that was new to me. It is evident that Wilson Quick spent a lot of time thoroughly researching the subject.

 The author brilliantly allows the reader’s anticipation to build as they await the meeting between Evan and the Beatles. The reactions of Evan’s '60s friends was fun and reminded me of the openness and innocence of the young people of the era. Evan’s character demonstrates great depth and a complex personality. Quick is a talented writer and I look forward to more of his books.

  Dennis Loren – Oakland, California

 Once in a blue moon, a book comes along that has it all. Over the last 40 or 50 years, only been a handful of books have been published that one could call “rock ‘n’ roll” novels. Of course, this book could also be considered “historical fiction,” as well as, “science fiction.” You could even call it a “mystery” novel of sorts, because you’re left with so many unanswered questions, right up until the very last few pages of the book.

 The premise behind this novel is about as clever a one as I have ever read in any genre and all of the characters are so well-developed. Try this for a brief synopsis of what you are in store for: A bright young musician and fan of the Beatles’ music named Evan Fritz lives in a suburb of Detroit in 2012. He’s a talented drummer (and songwriter) in a band that is going nowhere creatively.

 Through a simple twist of fate and an awesome magnetic field Evan walks through by accident, he is whisked to a 1962 Liverpool. Now homeless and without any money, Evan is taken in by a joyful and fun-loving family named Davies. This family includes sister Pam, brother Colin, and mother Edith. Pam and Colin are also fans of the Beatles and have seen them play at the Cavern Club many times.

 Because of what Evan knows about the history of the Beatles, he realizes that he is in Liverpool at the very moment the group is about to fire Pete Best and hire Ringo Starr. Evan thinks that if he can get the chance to audition for the band, they might hire him instead of Ringo. He could be in the group that changed musical history. When he goes to see The Beatles at the Cavern with Pam (who has fallen in love with Evan) and the ever-jolly Colin, he gets the chance to talk to Paul McCartney after the show and asks to audition. Paul likes Evan, but John Lennon is skeptical, but finally agrees to the audition. The chapter about the audition is riveting. Like friends talking about good movies they have seen, I’m not going to tell you about the audition or the rest of the story, because I don’t want to spoil it for you – ha!!!

 Suffice it to say if you’re a rock ‘n’ roll music fan or just an avid reader of interesting stories, I think you will enjoy this book. You will go with Evan to Strawberry Field and encounter the mysterious Rice Krispies man. And don’t forget your cigarettes, because everybody still smokes in this novel. Mr. Quick hasn’t tried to change history, like Columbia Records does by airbrushing the cigarettes out of the photos of recording artists, such as Simon & Garfunkel and Robert Johnson – ha!!!

 The book is full of both humor and sadness like the best Greek tragedy or tale by Shakespeare. It’s a thoroughly contemporary and inspiring story. I give it 5 stars and like the old cliché goes, once you pick the book up and start reading you won’t be able to put it down.

  Nicole Y. Onora – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

 Absolute blast to read! Everyone fantasizes about meeting their favorite band and becoming friends with them. InStrawberry Fields For Evan, Wilson Quick does a fantastic job of taking the reader back in time to the beginnings of a little band called the Beatles, as we see them through the eyes of Evan, the protagonist. For Beatles fans this is a remarkable bit of history packaged in a cleverly-written piece of fiction.

 I’ve always loved Wilson Quick’s music, now I can add him to my list of favorite writers!

 Susan Mullins – Boulder, Colorado

 Quick’s relatable characters and obvious knowledge of all things Beatles held my interest and fascinated me to the very end. A wonderful and remarkable achievement.

  Lit Amri – Readers’ Favorite

 Evan Fritz was not the only one that was having a blast; I was too. Overall, Strawberry Fields For Evan has a depth and complexity for a wonderfully crafted story around an iconic band. I have no doubt that my fellow readers, especially fans of the Beatles, will enjoy this great literary piece from Wilson Quick.

 Linda R. Lee – El Paso, Texas

 A well-told and interesting, fun concept. This is a good story with interesting descriptions. The writer obviously knows his history, and his instruments, and makes you feel as if you are there with the main character meeting his heroes. Well worth the read!

 William Drew – Phoenix, Arizona

 A very interesting twist. Nicely written. Good character development and story line as well. Fun book. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it!

 Chris Borglin – Columbia, South Carolina

My Dear Mr. Quick! Just finished your work of masterful, artistic storytelling, clearly written from the heart of a man filled with hope and love. What a joy! So many places where the story could have turned sour, gone dark, like so many of our unfulfilled dreams. What a wonderful realization of the heart's desire, even if lived to a degree vicariously through Evan. The unusual, though very welcome, recognition by a universe we may never understand of the goodness and power in people that might otherwise go unnoticed to the grave was ... moving.

The strength of heart to propel one purposefully through space and time, even if only metaphorically, rang true. Your witty, researched, historical and hilarious writing gave me the best fiction reading experience I'll had in some time. I felt it quite easy to get lost in the story and find myself experiencing the sensations of old Liverpool. I heartily encourage you to continue writing. You have much to say.

And I was happily reminded of my high school days, not really all that long ago when recalled from the heart, and a special friend I'll never forget. Thank you for a wonderful story which I will also never forget.

Maureen McGuire – Dublin, Ireland

Evan, a major Beatles fan and the main character in Wilson Quick’s novel Strawberry Fields For Evan, caught my attention from the very first chapter. Focused on becoming a successful musician, Evan plods through life waiting for his dream to become reality when something strange starts to happen.  As the story unfolds we are taken on a wild ride vacillating between Evan’s present life and the year 1962 in Liverpool. Follow Evan as he takes lessons from the past to help forge his way in the present.

Jam-packed with adventure and self-realizations, Strawberry Fields For Evan is a great read! I highly recommend this book.

Franko Fritz – Salt Lake City, Utah

I read the book in a few days and what a great read! What you think is going to be a fun story of someone going back in time to see the birth of the Beatles is not only that, but also an authentic look at 1962 Liverpool with great characters and situations. And it shows how real relationships transcend space and time.

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